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Clinton Thomas, Th.D. founded My QIDP (My QMRP) to meet the needs of ICFs located in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. My QIDP is a full service organization for ICFs seeking full-time, part-time or temporary QIDPs to ensure compliance with State and Federal Standards as outlined for all ICF/ID settings. Consultants with My QIDP have a combined experience of over 50 years of Human Service work as Administrators, QIDPs, LVN's, and Behavioral Specialist.

My QIDP offers crisis teams for Immediate and Serious Threats, 90 Day Terminations, and 23 Day Terminations. My QIDP offers Survey Preparation Training, Behavior Management Plans detailed to state requirements, IDR services, POC preparation and/ or implementation, LON changes, and Behavior Management Training for staff and administrators. My QIDP also offers the standard services of Annual Staffing Plans, IPP, Data implementation, and monthly reviews as required as well as quality assurance reviews.

My QIDP's contracts and services vary and can be tailor made for your ICF/ID's particular need.

What's New

My QIDP is now operating a blog to share services and information updates with those interested in what is going on in the ICF/IID world.  You can access the blog at:

ARC Training

My QIDP is now offering training for aggressive behaviors. We have developed a new "ARC" program designed to teach staff how to deal with combative indviduals. "ARC" stands for "Access, Restrain, and Contain". "ARC" is based on three parts: 1. Assess the situation before intervening, 2. Restrain only when needed, and 3. Contain the maladaptive behavior as a last resort.

"ARC" certification as an instructor can be obtained for a two year period or the class can be taught directly to your staff by My QIDP. If you are instested in becoming an "ARC" certified instructor, you should contact My QIDP. Local classes last one day and will be conducted in our training facility in Texarkana at a cost of $400 for instructors. Classes may be taught at your facility for $400 plus travel. "ARC" is the focuses on controling the maladaptive behavior with the least physical intervention possible.

CPR Instruction

Clinton Thomas has been an instructor with the American Red Cross since 1988.  Recently Dr. Thomas joined the team at EMS to offer Emergency Care Training and Safety Skills.  Dr. Thomas is now able to offer CPR classes at a reduced rate throughout the state of Texas and other states.  If you need CPR certification, contact My QIDP for a quote and/or to develop an on-going training contract for CPR.

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Free Information

Why have all these changes occurred recently?  Take a look at "A Short Look at Rosa's Law and What it Changes" for some of the answers here:

A Short Look at Rosa's Law and What it Changes

My QIDP also provides training for all aspects of the operation of the ICF/ID.  We are providing training here free for you to introduce new members of your Human Rights Committee or Specially Constituted Committee to the role of a Human Rights Committee Member.  You may freely distribute this training as long as credit is given to My QIDP and the material is not altered for presentation.  Should you wish to obtain My QIDP for additional training, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote:

Introduction to the Human Rights Committee

Searching for the ICF standards.  You can access the standards here in PDF.  You can download them to your own system or come back and read them as you need them.

Survey Procedures & Interpretive Guidelines ICF/MR 

Seeking Services

If you are seeking services for an individual, we would like to help you find placement.  Please fill out our placement form with basic information.  All information is confidential and we only need basic information and contact information to assist you.  Once you have completed the form, someone will contact you.  Seeking Services Form


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